Olympians, World Champions and Pan American Games Winners


Olympic Games

It is surprising that the Club did not have any direct participation in the Olympics until 1952. Perhaps this is because the Club did not have an Olympic class boat until then. The Club had been invited by the Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) to participate in the trials for the 1932 Games in Los Angeles, but the Club did not have any of these classes in its fleet: Monotype, Star, 6 meters and 8 meters. It was not until the return of the Games after World War II that sailors from the Royal Saint Laurence Yacht Club got ready for the Olympic competitions.

1952 Helsinki, Doug Woodward, Andy Hugessen (Star) 
1956 Melbourne, Bruce Kirby (Finn) Archie Cameron, W.G. Thomas (Sharpie)
1960 Rome/Naples, Sandy MacDonald, Lynn Watters, Gordon Norton (Dragon), Ian Bruce (Finn), Pierre Desjardins, Keith Wilson (Flying Dutchman), Archie Cameron, chair of the CYA's Olympic committee, coach 
1964 Tokyo, Ed Botterell, Lynn Watters, Joe MacBrien (Dragon), Sandy MacDonald, Bernie Skinner, Doug Woodward (5.5-metre class), Bill Thomas, coach 
1968 Mexico , Evert Bastet (Flying Dutchman), Bruce Kirby (Star) 
1972 Munich/Kiel, Evert Bastet (Flying Dutchman), Ian Bruce, Peter Bjorn (Star) 
1976 Montréal/Kingston, Evert Bastet, Hans Fogh (Flying Dutchman) 
1980 Moscow, Evert Bastet, Terry McLaughlin (Flying Dutchman), silver medal 
1984 Los Angeles, Evert Bastet Terry McLaughlin (Flying Dutchman), silver medal 
1988 Seoul, Evert Bastet, coach 
1992 Barcelona, Evert Bastet, coach 
2000 Sydney, Kai Bjorn (Star) 
2004 Athens, Chantal Léger (Yngling) Evert Bastet, coach
2008 Beijing, Qingdao, Evert Bastet, coach
2012 Londres, Tyler Bjorn, (Star)


World Championships
1959 Denmark, Sicotte Hamilton (Dragon)
1967 United Kingdom, Ian Bruce, Don Bishop (Int’l 14)
1968 United Kingdom, Ian Bruce, Phil Evans (Int’l 14)
1973 United States, Evert Bastet (Flying Dutchman)
1974 United Kingdom, Evert Bastet (Flying Dutchman)
1978 Sweden, Gerry Roufs (470)
1980 Sweden, Evert Bastet (Flying Dutchman)
1982 Australia, Evert Bastet (Flying Dutchman)
1986 Scotland, Peter Hall (Dragon)
1987 Colombia, Eddie Martin, Perry Owen, Jay Mann (Lightning)
1989 Greece, Peter Hall (Lightning) Mark Osterman (Lightning), Alain Boucher (Lightning)
1999 Italy, Kai Bjorn (Star)
2000 United Kingdom, Kai Bjorn (Star
2011 Germany, Peter Hall (Soling)
2012 United States, William Hall (Soling)
2014 Uruguay, Peter Hall, William Hall (Soling)
Pan American Games
1959 United States, Pierre Desjardins, Angus MacDonald (Flying Dutchman)
1963 Brazil, Sandy MacDonald, Lynn Watters, Peter Dorion, (Dragon) Tony Zegers, André Baby (Flying Dutchman)
1979 Puerto Rico, Gil Mercier (Lightning)
1987 United States, Peter Hall, Alain Boucher, Scott Morgan (Lightning)
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