Café Marler

What’s in a name?

Born to William de Montmollin and his first wife Josephine Howard in 1867, Herbert Meredith enjoyed the fruits of his father and grandfather’s accomplishments from a young age. The fourth generation of a prominent English Quebec family of Patricians, Herbert Meredith Marler was photographed at the Notman studio on at least five occasions before his twenty-second birthday. Even as a young boy, he appears as determined and professional as he did when he graduated from McGill University. He later entered into politics, served as a Member of Parliament and as Ambassador representing Canada in the Far East.

As members of the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club, Herbert Meredith and his father regularly engaged English-Montreal’s most elite families. The Marlers established a summer home on Allan Point, in Dorval, next to an estate of James Bryce Allan, son and nephew of steamship magnates Andrew and Hugh Allan, and only a short distance from the Club's ladies clubhouse. The structure later became part of the Club’s facilities; known as “Marler House,” it offered members some of the first mixed-gender lounging spots.

The lighted buoy AS12 is situated directly in front of the Stevenson jetty and the swimming pool is known as the Marler Buoy, hence the name CAFÉ MARLER given to our pool snack bar.


Café Marler Hours


June 26th

Saturdays & Sundays - 12 PM

Monday to Friday – 12 PM

August 21st to September 4th – 3 PM



June 26th - September 4th – 6 PM


Office hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed


Contact info:
1350 Lakeshore Drive, Dorval, Québec, H9S 2E3
Phone: 514-631-2720
Fax: 514-631-2725
Harbour entrance
45° 26.12' N
073° 45.10' W

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