Sailpast Instructions

Sailpast Instructions

A tradition dating back more than 100 years at our Club, Sailpast marks the official start to the “on the water” season and the opportunity to pay respects to our Commodore, Louise Proulx as she conducts the "review of the fleet" ceremony on Sunday, June 19th. 



To add colour to this celebration, you are encouraged to:

  • BEFORE: Dress your ship, but please remove the flags prior to leaving harbour

  • DURING: The only ship dressed during Sailpast should be the Commodore’s.

  • AFTER: To add to the festivities and colour for the day, you are encouraged to dress ship upon your return to harbour, to greet the Commodore as he enters the harbour with a rousing welcome using all manner of legal sound emitting devices, and to enjoy the Special 2022 On Shore At-A-Distance Festivities.

The Commodore will be standing at anchor aboard the flagship boat BEAVER III to receive your salute. An appropriate salute consists of "dipping" the Canadian flag, which the skipper or a crew member holds to keep it from fluttering, with the skipper and crew facing starboard. Sailing vessels may salute by luffing the jib. The Commodore will be accompanied by the committee boat, which will fly the warning flags.

Preferred Dress is all whites, with blazers as an option. Members’ yachts should fly the Canadian flag from the stern staff and the Club Burgee from the bow or masthead.


Meet in the Valois Bay area (above the GUT for power boats and keelboats) at 13:45 in groups of similar yachts. Sailpast to be led by Fleet Captain Richard Fabien in Talisman VII; refer to Sailpast Order of Instructions available at the club before departing and on the website.



  1. After passing the race committee boat, line up the crew, on the foredeck if possible. (The best appearance is in order of increasing height from the bow.)

  2. Two boat lengths from the Flagship, your ship’s company comes to attention. Dinghy skippers should stand, weather permitting.

  3. As the bow comes into line with the Flagship’s Canadian flag:
    a) Skipper salutes if wearing Flag officer’s cap. b) The skipper or a crew member lowers the Canadian flag, or furls it if flown from the transom. c) If no Canadian flag,  luff the jib.

  4. The Commodore will return your salute.

  5. Two boat lengths past the Flagship, end salute, the skipper or crew member raises/unfurls the Canadian flag, and the ship’s company stands at ease.

  6. Return to harbour and dress ship, or sail around and enjoy the sights while keeping well clear of the saluting area.

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