Racing Handicaps


All boats participating in races held by the Club will require a valid SLVYRA handicap, with the exception of the Friday Fun series, which uses its own handicapping system.


The Saint Lawrence Valley Yacht Racing Association is the regional handicapping association that oversees PHRF handicaps for all boats in the area. Each member club appoints a club handicapper who is responsible for measuring boats and sails at their club and assigning the handicaps. The handicapper is the single point of contact for any handicap-related questions the skipper may have. Our handicapper is Jason Taylor, who can be contacted through the Club roster.

Boat not in SLVYRA list

If your boat does not currently exist in the SLVYRA List of Rated Yachts, please contact the handicapper in order to get a handicap assigned.

Boat new to the club but already on SLVYRA list

If your boat comes to the Royal from another SLVYRA affiliated club, let the handicapper know so that your boat's record can be updated

Changes to sail plan, rig, hull, or propulsion

If you have updated your boat's sails and their dimensions have changed, this can affect your handicap.

Propulsion changes

If your propeller has changed, such as changing to a feathering or folding prop, or from a 3-blade to a 2-blade fixed prop, there is an impact on your handicap. Even deciding to store an outboard in the hull instead of hanging it off the stern will alter your rating. Please contact the handicapper so your boat's information can be updated.


The Friday Fun series is a great way for new sailors to learn about racing and to be comfortable handling their boats in close quarters. Whereas the SLVYRA handicaps assume that each boat is in optimal condition with optimal sails and a crew at the top of their game, the Friday Fun handicapping system also considers the skipper in the equation. So two identical boats, one with a new, inexperienced skipper and crew, and the other with a well-seasoned competitive crew will have very different handicaps. Also, the handicaps will change a few times during the season, all in the view of having close results. Past winners of the Friday Fun series are also handicapped so as not to get in the way of those who have not yet won. The individual boats' handicaps will be displayed on the board at the Club as well as on this page. If you have any questions or want to request a change to your handicap, please contact the Club handicapper, Jason Taylor.

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