Official Notice Board & Results 2020

***Pending updates for 2020 NORs and SIs etc.***
Revisons in blue, as of August 29
To be decided in red, as of July 7

2020 RStLYC Standing Sailing Instructions


2020 RStLYC Fleet & Club Championship Rules


2020 RStLYC Crew Roster Form

Crew Form

2020 RStLYC Fleet Championship Requirements

Laser 28 Fleet Requirements
PHRF Fleet Requirements
White Sail Fleet Requirements
Lightning Fleet Requirements

Keel Boat Evening Series

Notice of Race (NOR) SSI Addendun (ADD)
Laser 28 Evening Results Fleet Results
PHRF Evening Results Fleet Results
White Sail Evening Results Fleet Results
Friday Fun Races Evening Results Cumulative

Good Neighbor Series (GNS) Replaced with DNS for 2020

NOR SI Results
Website SLVYRA H'caps Protests

Distance Neighbor Series (DNS)

Sle SIf Results

DNS Fall Series 5 & 6 Sundays Aug 30 to Sep 27

Sle SIf Results

Dinghy Evening Series

Notice of Race (NOR) SSI Addendum (ADD)
Lightning Evening Results Fleet Results


May 06 Cancelled Competitor's Meeting NOR
May 16 June 25,30,2 DNS PHRF Warm-up NOR SI Results
May 19 July 7 DNS PHRF Start Results
May 22 June 17 Friday Fun Race Seminar
May 29 June 19 Friday Fun Race Start Cumulative
June 03 July 01 Dinghy Series Start
June 13 Cancelled Laser 28 Quebec Open NOR ADD Results
June 14 TBD Eager Beaver NOR ADD Results
June 14 July 12 Sail Past
June 14 July 12 Commodore's Cup NOR ADD Results
June 16-21 Cancelled Shark Worlds @ PCYC NOR SI Results
June 27 Sun Sep 06 Strathcona Cup PHRF NOR ADD Results
Course 1 Course 2
July 04 July 04 Duggan Cruising Cup PHRF NOR ADD Results
July 04 Cancelled BYC Annual NOR Results
July 7,8,9 Cancelled Sail Week
July 11 Cancelled PCYC Annual NOR Results
July 05 July 12 George Layton Classic NOR ADD Results
July 11 Aug 15 RStLYC Annual Regatta PHRF NOR ADD Results
Aug 01 Sep 19 Single Handed Pursuit PHRF NOR Results
Aug 08 Aug 30 Myrtle Cook All Women Crew NOR Results
Aug 22 Cancelled Défi BNI Challenge


Course AQVA
Start Times

Aug 27-30 Cancelled Canadian Youth Championships NOR Registration Results
Aug 27 DNS End Results
Aug 28 Friday Fun Race End Results
Sep 02 Dinghy Series End Results
Sep 05 Sep 05 Archie Cameron Memorial
Sep 05 Friday Fun Race Pursuit & Raft-up Results
Sep 10 Thur Sept 03 WindMill Point Shield NOR ADD Results
Sep 12 Oct 03-04 RStLYC Club Championship NOR ADD Results
Sep 13,20,27 GNS Fall Series NOR ADD Results
Sep 17 Thur Sept 10 Hugh Kennedy NOR ADD Results
Sep 19-20 Sat Sept 12 Bill Layton Memorial Laser 28 Open SIf SIe Results
Oct 4,11,18,25 Frostbite Open Series NOR ADD Results
Nov 14 Prize Giving Awards
2022 Planned Calendar of Events as of 05May2022 Date (dd/mm -  jj/mm) Calendrier des événements prévus pour 2022 au 05 mai 2022 NOR   SI Results
All-Member racing meeting 05/05 Rencontre des compétiteurs NOR   SI  Results
PHRF-Good Neighbour Series - Tu & Th evenings 17/05 - 01/09 PHRF - GNS  (série de bons voisins)  NOR  SI  Results
PHRF-Friday Fun race seminar 20/05 Séminaire Courses amicales du vendredi NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Friday Fun Race  27/05 - 26/08 PHRF-Courses amicales du vendredi NOR SI  Results
Laser -Ian Bruce Quebec Champs (BYC) 29, 30/05 Laser – Ian Bruce Memorial (YCB) NOR SI  Results
Lightning/Laser-Dinghy Series - Wednesdays 01/06 -07/09 Lightning/Laser-La série dériveurs - les mercredis NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Strathcona 11/06 PHRF-Coupe Lord Strathcona NOR SI  Results
Sharks-Commodore's cup 12/06 Sharks- Trophée du Commodore NOR SI  Results
All-Sail past 12/06 Défilé de la flotte NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Maud Cup Singlehanded (PCYC) 18/06 PHRF-Coupe Maud - en solitaire (YCPC) NOR SI  Results
Lightning-Eager Beaver 18/06 Lightning Eager Beaver NOR SI  Results
Laser 28 Quebec Open 18, 19/06 Laser 28 Omnium du Québec (open) NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Single handed pursuit 25/06 PHRF-Course poursuite en solitaire NOR SI  Results
PHRF-PCYC Annual 02/07 PHRF- PCYC Régate annuelle NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Duggan Cruising Cup  (overnight) 02, 03/07 PHRF- Duggan Cup NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Sail week 05, 06, 07/07 PHRF- Semaine de régates NOR SI  Results
PHRF-BYC Annual 09/07 PHRF- BYC Régate annuelle NOR SI  Results
Lightning-George Layton Classic 10/07 Lightning-Classique George Layton NOR  SI  Results
PHRF-RStLYC Annual 16/07 PHRF-YCRStL Régate annuelle NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Mirage Cup  (PCYC) 06/08 PHRF-Coupe Mirage (YCPC) NOR  SI  Results
Sharks- All Women Crew Clinic  (Open)  13/08 Sharks - Clinique de l'équipage féminin (Open) NOR SI  Results
Sharks-Myrtle Cook  (Open) (All Women Crew) 14/08 Sharks-Omnium de Myrtle Cook  (équipages féminins-Open) NOR SI  Results
PHRF-AQVA fundraiser regatta 20/08 PHRF-AQVA Régate de collecte de fonds NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Friday Fun Race Pursuit and Raft-up 03/09 PHRF-Poursuite courses amicales ven. + party à l’épaule NOR SI  Results
Lightning-Archie Cameron 03/09 Lightning- Archie Cameron Memorial NOR SI  Results
PHRF-HYC Labour Day Regatta 03, 04/09 PHRF-Régate annuelle du HYC NOR SI  Results
PHRF-GNS Fall Series 04, 11, 18, 25/09 PHRF-GNS Série de l’automne NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Windmill Point Shield 05/09 PHRF-Windmill Point Shield NOR SI  Results
Sharks-Club Championships - Qualifying #1 05, 06, 07/09 Sharks-Éliminatoires du championnat du Club #1 NOR SI  Results
Sharks-Club Championships - Qualifying #2 12, 13, 15/09 Sharks-Éliminatoires du championnat du Club #2  NOR SI  Results
Laser 28 N.A. Championships 17, 18/09 Laser 28 Amérique du Nord NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Hugh Kennedy 24/09 PHRF- Hugh Kennedy NOR SI  Results
Sharks-Club Championships 24, 25/09 Sharks-YCRStL Championnats du Club NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Pas de deux double-handed (PCYC) 01/10 PHRF-Pas de deux (YCPC) NOR SI  Results
PHRF-Frostbite Series 2, 9, 16, 23/10 PHRF-Série « Frostbite »  NOR  SI  Results
All-Prize Giving 05/11 Remise des prix      



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