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Junior Sailing Programs

Which Junior Sailing program to choose from?

The following are the Royal St. Lawrence Programs. It is important to keep in mind the weight and height of your child since these affect which boat is most appropriate for your child to enjoy sailing. Children who sail in our programs must be able to swim and be able to get back in a boat when they capsize. The instructors will teach the children how to get back in the boat but this does require some athleticism.

Wet Feet

Introduction to the boat, water safety, basic principle of propulsion steering. Arts and crafts and swimming. Two kids per boat. Click here to learn more.


One child per boat, eight children per instructor. Introduction to the world of sailing, appropriate clothing, emphasis on safety on the water. Basic skills including rigging, righting a capsized boat, identifying wind direction, sailing a course. Click here to learn more.

Advanced Single-Handed

One child per boat, eight children per instructor. Advanced boat handling techniques, short course racing. Participation in 1-2 local regattas. Full day of sailing and activities. Click here to learn more.


Two sailors per boat. Four weeks of instruction. Fosters teamwork and builds communication skills. Click here to learn more.

Advanced Double Handed

Two sailors per boat. Broad boat handling skills such as flying a spinnaker and using a trapeze. Click here to learn more.

420 Race Team

Two sailors per boat. Advanced boat handling and advanced racing abilities, tactics and major regattas. Click here to learn more.

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For further information on these programs contact:
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or Contact by email at junior@rstlyc.ca